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Assessment Results

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RE Inspection Report

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PE and Sports Premium

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Pupil Premium

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At St John’s we are committed to safeguarding pupils and promoting the welfare of all of our children. All volunteers and visitors share this commitment.

The Designated Lead for Safeguarding is Mrs Liz Hamilton
(email -

The Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Donna Waiters
(email -

What to do if you have a concern

Report all Safeguarding concerns to the Senior Designated Officer. If your concern if about a member of staff then please report this concern to the head teacher. If your concern if about the head teacher then please report this to the Chair of Governors, Laura Upton.
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Policies and Procedures

Health and Safety:
Children are expected to:

Accidents and Medication
Should a child hurt themselves it is recorded in the school's accident book which is kept in the staffroom. If a child has a bump to the head, parents are always informed. Should a child require a visit to the hospital and parents are not available, a member of staff will take them and keep the parents informed. The member of staff will stay with the child until the parent arrives.
If a parent requests medication to be administered to a child during the school day they should sign the relevant form available from the school office. The medicine will be kept in the staff room and administered by a member of staff. Only medicines prescribed by a doctor can be administered.

Access for the Disabled
Our school is built on the level and is therefore accessible for wheelchair. We have a disabled toilet facility. The school endeavours to promote equality of opportunity for disabled pupils, staff, parents, carers and other people who use or may wish to use the school. We have a disability equality scheme which illustrates how we plan to meet these duties. This is available on request from the school office.

Parental Involvement in School
At St. John's school we believe in actively involving parents in all aspects of school life. We have many parents who regularly spend time in school listening to reading, helping with craft activities and assisting with extra curricular activities. Parents who have skills relating to a topic being studied come in their professional capacity and talk to the children about their job.
If you have particular skills that might be useful or if you would like to spend time in the classroom under the direction of the class teacher, please let us know. Parents are also involved through the work of the Friends and on the Board of Governors.

Arrangements for Dealing with Complaints
It is in the best interests of everyone that complaints are expressed and resolved as quickly as possible. We would hope to resolve matters informally. Should they be required however, the school has formal arrangements for dealing with complaints which are available on request from the school office.

Sex Education
Sex Education is delivered within the ethos of a Catholic school. Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from Sex Education. Please let the Headteacher know in writing.

Charging for School Activities
The school invites voluntary contributions from parents in support of particular activities that take place during the day, e.g. educational visits, occasional craft activities etc.. In the event of voluntary contributions not covering the full cost then the balance may be funded from the school budget subject to funds being available. If funds are not available, the activity may have to be cancelled.

Children are expected to attend school everyday.
An absence is authorised if a child has been away for a legitimate reason eg. illness. The school should be phoned on the first morning of absence and then a written explanation sent on the child’s return.
An absence is unauthorised if the child is away from school without permission of both school and parent.
If attendance falls below 90% (an average of one day per fortnight) and continues the LA may be contacted.
Awards are given for good attendance. The LA sets attendance targets yearly. Attendance must be over 96% to be judged as ‘good’.
School has to inform the Education Welfare Officer of all unauthorised absences.

Additional Policies:

Acceptable Use and eSafety Policy

Accessibility Policy 2016-19

Admissions Policy 2017/18

Antibullying Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

British Values At St John The Baptist Primary

CAST Data Protection Policy

Charging Policy

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy

Data Handling Policy

Emergency Policy

Equality Policy and Action Plan

Exclusions Policy

Finance Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Healthy Eating

Homework Policy

Intimate Care

Lettings Policy

Literacy Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Marking Policy

Medication Policy

Prevent Policy

Pupil Privacy Notice

Parent and Carer Privacy Notice

PSHCE Policy

Religious Education Policy

Restraint Policy 17

Safer Recruitment Policy

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Whistleblowing Policy